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  • Turnkey Online Casino is a top-quality software and a great medium to launch gambling businesses without any hassle. This software helps to start an online gaming business in less than two days and start earning almost immediately.

    The gambling industry is a hectic one with fierce competition among gaming companies. The Turnkey Online Casino & Sportsbook Software helps alleviate the stress of setting up an online casino and gives the owners time to focus on other important aspects of launching their businesses. It has a quick and easy set-up that is simple to understand and supports all the major game providers. They can personalize or brand their online casinos as they wish, and it offers a wide range of payment options.

    Features of Turnkey Online Casino & Sportsbook Software

    Here are some of the important features of this software:


    • Quick and easy set-up
    • Hosts all major game providers
    • Personalized branding
    • Multiple payment platforms
    • Free demo
    • Artificial intelligence
    • 24/7 support
    • Personal Manager
    • All-in-one platform

    Benefits of Turnkey Online Casino & Sportsbook Software

    Turnkey is a ready site based on the selected template for betting businesses to launch quickly with minimal investments. There are numerous benefits of running iGaming businesses via this platform. They include:

    • No technical issues

    Technical issues are unlikely on this platform because of the high-quality technological developments to protect it from failing.

    • Easy set-up

    Set-up is quick and without any fee. The software is simple to understand and easy to operate. Setting up and launching takes a maximum of forty-eight hours (two days), allowing owners to start receiving income in little to no time.

    • Personalization

    After setting up, owners can brand their business sites as they so desire to give them originality and authenticity. They can go all out to make it theirs with unique designs, arrangements, and creations.

    • Amazon cloud infrastructure

    This set-up is used by the gaming industry to share and keep information. With this, online casinos enjoy privacy protection, and it supports locking their domains to prevent unauthorized transfers. Amazon cloud infrastructure allows businesses to spend more time seizing opportunities and less time looking after in-house facilities. It is instrumental to the growth of businesses because it allows worldwide customer service. It also reduces the time, resources, operational risk, and maintenance required for managing IT infrastructure.

    • Personal Manager

    The business owners get personal managers equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the operation and management of this software. The manager also creates a strategy for risk management and offers professional advice.

    • Free demo

    Game providers offer free demo games for gamblers to play without paying as a means to attract first-timers and turn them into paying clients. New business owners are advised to use this feature to build patronage and hold players’ interest.

    • 24/7 Support

    The customer care service is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week to assist gamers with all their complaints and inquiries. The developers are working round the clock for the sole purpose of maintaining excellent customer relations.

    • Artificial Intelligence

    Turnkey Online Casino & Sportsbook Software makes use of smart machines that can think and work like humans, including speech, recognition, and problem-solving. These machines ensure that customer care service is always available.

    • All-in-one platform

    All that is needed to launch a gaming business is provided on the Turnkey Online Casino & Sportsbook Software. The business owners automatically delegate the technical aspects of running a gambling platform and focus on others like advertising and marketing.


    Deducing from the features and benefits offered by Turnkey casino software, it is a great opportunity to launch iGaming businesses. Thanks to this software, the owners do not have to worry about the technicalities of the system, instead they can focus all their attention on marketing and advertisement or publicity.

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